PDE Project Development & Engineering

Our company is specialized in engineering, procurement and commissioning of HVAC systems for industrial and offshore applications. Over the past 15 years we have prepared engineering documents for industrial plants and offshore platforms varying from feed studies, basic & detailed engineering to troubleshooting and inspections.


Offshore & Industry

For more than a decade, forthcoming out of designing special HVAC systems, PDE proved to be a solid and dedicated partner in HVAC Engineering for Offshore and Industrial Projects. Understanding the specific codes & standards, safety strategies, local climates and above all an excellent focus on the project drivers are the success factors of our projects and long term relations with our clients.

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Commercial Buildings

HVAC engineering for commercial buildings is not specifically our core business but as a result of our deep knowledge of HVAC and related disciplines, PDE is frequently invited to solve persistent HVAC problems in existing buildings or to help out in complex renovation projects.
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Special Projects

PDE origins from highly inventive, HVAC related, projects in long term food storage and in its course developing multidisciplinary skills and product knowledge in various branches. The ability to be creative in technique forms our reputation and, as up to today, clients find her way to PDE if a different solution is required. As can be seen in our referenced special projects, knowledge of HVAC in its broadest sense can provide solutions for one of a kind projects.

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Contrary to the modern corporate policy that embrace the constant production of results in the minimum amount of time, sometimes at cost of quality, here in PDE, we are happy to fight daily for leading HVAC engineering services and keep our loyalty to quality intact at the same time.
PDE’s involvement in tasks all over the world is the best credential for the company’s familiarity with international and local regulations and codes & standards.
Consistent to our mission to deliver excellent HVAC engineering services, PDE is constantly exploring new techniques and computational packages to meet client’s needs and wishes.
PDE is experienced in multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects for offshore oil & gas applications. Client focused with excellent communication and skills in several technical disciplines.Arie Berkman, commercial director at CKT Projects.